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Privacy Policy

Philip Lang Cycles LTD. take our customers' privacy very serious. We use several methods to ensure customer data is stored and communicated safely between your browser and our websites.

In line with 2018 GDPR legislation, here’s how we are ensuring compliance and acting to keep your sensitive data safe. We value privacy and as such, we only use your data in very specific ways in order to supply you with products and services that you requested.

What We Store

We store as little of your personal data as is necessary. We store your names, addresses and contact information in order to be able to contact you about products and services that you have specifically told us you want.

Other than references for receipts (only the card type, last 4 digits of the card and the expiry date) we don’t store any other credit/debit card details.

The last bits of information we store include a record of products/services you have ordered and copies of any relevant invoices/receipts we have issued to you.

For a full report of everything we store about you, please contact us.

Unfortunately, if we can’t verify your identity when you contact us to request this, we will not be able to provide the requested information so please ensure they are up-to-date and accurate in your account!

How We Store Your Data

We store your data securely and communications with our storage server are always encrypted. Wherever possible, the data itself is also encrypted (such as your password). We’re also fully PCI compliant.

We impose mandatory secure communication between your web browser and our servers using valid SSL certificates and the same AES encryption used by banks. We also implement various features to detect suspicious account activity including attempts at brute-force password guessing, CSFR (and much more!)

How Long We Store Your Data

We store the above data for as long as you hold an account (or multiple accounts) with us and for tax, finance and accounting records, we are required by law to keep records of payments and invoices even if you decide to close your account. This data may include your name and address.


We only share the absolute minimum data with our trusted third-parties and only when it’s absolutely necessary to provide you with the products/services you have ordered. Currently, we share data with Stripe (our payment processor - to allow us to securely verify your identity and process payments) and V12 (if you apply for finance on your purchase(s)). This shared data is not used for marketing purposes by us or the third-parties mentioned.

We also use Google Analytics and other metrics tracking technologies like the majority of other websites. We find it useful to determine the kind of people who visit our websites and how they interact with the site in terms of whether or not it’s making them happy. The tools we enable in our Analytics account are non-personally-identifying. This means we don’t share your names, addresses or other specific information about you. However, other sites may and that’s why we have an opt-in policy so we don’t enable any analytics code while you’re browsing unless you turn it on when we ask for your permission via a pop-up which you’re completely free to say “no” to. If you’ve said “yes”, we also use cookies with the sole purpose of understanding which of our products/services are most useful to you and most popular (again, in a completely anonymous way). If you clear your browser cache or your cookies expire, you will be asked if you’d like to opt-in again. We estimate this will be roughly every 6 months or longer but as this is a client-side (your end) thing, it’s out of our control.


Other than security/account-critical email/SMS notifications, we only send you confirmation information about products and services you order from us.  

The Right To Be Forgotten

If you don’t even want the notifications outlined above or you want us to delete all your data, sadly, you’ll need to close your account and/or no longer use our websites. We would hate to see you go but if we can’t send you critical security notifications, your account may not be secure. If you really are sure you want to close your account, please contact us and we will process the request as soon as possible (usually within 7 days). Please note that this is irreversible. Everything will be removed. Again, this is not something we can undo.