Privacy Policy

Philip Lang Cycles LTD. take our customers' privacy very serious. We use several methods to ensure customer data is stored and sent safely.


We use an approved SSL certificate, securing all data to and from the site using SHA-1 with 256 (2048) bit RSA encryption keys. This ensures any credit card, login or other data sent to our servers is sent securely.

Stored Data

User data is stored securely in a database using encryption and salts where necessary. We only store the data required to provide services to you and can provide copies of your stored data upon request. As is your legal right, you may request changes to any incorrect details we hold about you. You can do this easily yourself through your account on our website.


Payments made through our website are made securely and no credit card data is stored on our servers. Our payment handler, Stripe, stores encrypted tokens that allow us to recognize specific payments but we do not request that they store card details for future payments.

PCI Compliance

We are fully PCI compliant.